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  • maps update, many minor bugs fixed (missing stations etc)
  • new languages added (Korean, Portuguese)
  • fixed minor errors in calls
  • fixed issues with incidents not being generated.
  • minor fixes of Call Editor.
  • every Operator's quote now has a shorter version for buttons
  • calls number per duty rebalanced 
  • bonuses rebalanced 
  • equipment selling now possible
  • firing staff members now possible
  • equipment and vehicles of same type are stacked
  • time speed returns to the previous speed after call ends
  • server maps update!
  • minor CallEditor bugfixing
  • japanese addresses fixed


  • CallEditor can now be used to edit and upload your calls!
  • workshop calls are now supported! Download them from workshop to answer them in Free Game mode!
  • default calls modifications can now be made
  • linux version libraries compatibility FIXED
  • small cities with no road names fixed
  • Advanced Certification achievement level required lowered to 6 from 7
  • Pathfinding upgraded
  • Game Loading reconstructed to cause fewer hangups


  • fights happen less often
  • fighters can give up when overwhelmed
  • Japanese language added
  • alfa version of call editor can be found in CONTRIBUTORS beta! 


  • calls answering can be disabled in Free Game mode
  • workshop support for custom languages!
  • calls files can now be edited
  • custom calls can now be added (and started by codes) 
  • disappearing vehicles fixed
  • some empty lines in calls fixed
  • minor changes


  • Unique Stories mode added for career mode!
  • Russian language added
  • rename team code option added
  • teams reassignment possible by dragging
  • time management buttons (Z X as default)
  • keys reassignment possible
  • too high framerate fixed
  • muffle dialogs option added
  • minor bugfixes


  • some calls dead loops are fixed
  • French proofreading

v1.00.00 - Release version!

  • "officer down" radio report 
  • gun shot lines
  • cities names are localized
  • splash screen added
  • invisible fighters fixed
  • numerous minor bugs fixed


  • Final City - Washington!
  • 6 new generable calls: fights, fires, pains, car thefts and illegal parking
  • many more campaign calls added.
  • DLC Collectors Content is now supported
  • Different cities sizes are now supported
  • You can now choose to search and download "towns" too
  • Huge server side improvements
  • Menu performance improved
  • OnMouseOver effects and tips
  • French, Spanish and Polish now supported 
  • New Tips pictures
  • Additional On-Site pictures
  • Difficulty balancing - shootings are more common, more reports, more calls, bigger penalties
  • The last unit can now leave, if there are no heavily injured
  • Correct Audio mixing
  • Tutorial is now voiceovered
  • Dozens of language, voice and mechanics fixes
  • Screenshots stored in persistent data path. 


  • server update!
  • some towns are now also available to download
  • some previously unavailable cities are now fixed
  • more achievements unlocked
  • time management improved
  • units and equipment bonuses now work correctly
  • team members efficiency balancing
  • calls bugfixes and corrections
  • ultrawide resolution (21:9) now supported 


  • First Aid tips added to loading screen!
  • LINUX compatibility!
  • first achievements are possible to be unlocked!
  • campagin cities rebalanced
  • many smaller bugfixes


  • you can reassign team members tasks by choosing them and clicking the target in OnSite window
  • status icons on/off by space button
  • news bar for important team messages
  • team members performance rebalanced
  • policemen and firemen can now very slowly secure heavily injured
  • added an option to mute the operator voice (good for streamers)
  • fixed issues with pathfinding
  • new duty time clock
  • loads of conversation fixes
  • dialog options shortened
  • fixed san francisco event (reset city required)
  • equipment and vehicles buyable by dragging
  • equipment saved and used correctly
  • teams checks before duty start
  • game saves after clicking "start deployment"
  • fighting bugfixes
  • team members die correctly
  • firemen vehicles are faster
  • enter button now confirms a window
  • Crash to desktop during some chases fixed
  • female radio voice added
  • Ignoring conversations rebalanced
  • changed conversations background sounds
  • not disappearing on mouseovers fixed
  • policemen ranks fixed
  • fixed zoom issues
  • added equipment descriptions
  • added loads of kickstarter backers photos
  • added sound and music settings
  • some cities errors are now supported
  • basic police copter is now cheaper



  • game goes BETA
  • career mode unlocked
  • 5 cities in career mode
  • 2 new generable calls sets
  • 30 new scenario calls
  • balance: changed report popularities, speeds etc.
  • save game bugfixes
  • maps bugfixes
  • additional POIs
  • more cities available to download
  • second radio voice
  • many minor bugfixes


  • money bonuses after duties for each reputation point
  • extra bonus for every 10 reputation points
  • new recruits (1-3) every duty 
  • extended After Action Reports
  • "City Of The Day" feature in Free Game mode
  • added more supporters photos
  • fights are less possible
  • driving skill of the 1st team member influences speed and acceleration more.
  • performance fixes in menu
  • delete city option
  • reset button clears all data, inluding maps 
  • map data fixes
  • map downloadment fixes
  • downloaded city is displayed as 1st
  • new Point of Interests in map data
  • back button in credits works


  • fixed empty call dead loop
  • fixed camera movement
  • fixed tutorial deadends
  • only patrolling units respond to events now
  • only police vehicles can stop fugitives
  • visual fixes
  • added more supporters photos


  • first alpha release to the Kickstarter community.
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