Female caller ordering a pizza. Career call for Kapolei, duty 0.

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Person Staus
Drunk thug Suspect
Scared woman (caller) Injured

Call script Edit

Undercover pizza
1: "911 what's your emergency?"

2: "Hello, I would like to order a big pepperoni, with extra cheese, please, at [[ADDRESS]]"

3: "Excuse me? You've reached 911 ..."

4: "Yes, I know. Oh, and 2 cans of soda."

5: "Ma'am, do you have an emergency?"

6: "Yes, I do"

7: "... and you can't talk about it because of someone in the room?"

8: "Yes, exactly."

9: "Do you also need medical attention? Is somebody hurt?"

10: "Yes, do you know how long it will be?"

11: "{SEND POLICE} I have officers about a mile away I'll send them right away"

12: "Yes... please"

13: "Can you stay on the line with me?"

14: "No. Thanks, I hope you'll get here soon!"

15: "Alright. The officers are coming!"

end: "..."

20: "Are there any weapons in the house?"

24: "Yes..."

16: "{HANGUP} I hate these jokers ..."

17: "Excuse me, it's a wrong number."

18: "Please quit those jokes, you are blocking the emergency line."

19: "... and is it because you are very hungry?"

21: "Who is the oppressor?"

22: "What is going on there?"

23: "...."

reminder: "...."

reminder2: "...."

Call endings Edit

Undercover pizza
clue: "The caller was found to be in danger."
story: "The caller was in fact in need of assistance and tried to reach 911 by pretending to order a pizza."
prison: "The suspect was pacified and taken to custody."

helped: "The caller was given first aid."

fail: "The operator has failed to help the caller."
timeout: "The caller was heavily beaten and needed to be hospitalized."
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