The Special Resources DLC was released on the same days as the base game for USD$3.99. The Kickstarter offered this content to those who purchased the Collector's Edition (Base game and DLC) for CA$20 (~USD$15.5).

All special resources are available in all maps.

It contains the following vehicles:

It contains the following equipment:

15 new incidents were added:

  • Chemicals on fire
  • Street fight [Appears to be already included in the base game]
  • Computer games addict
  • CO Poisoning (Verify)
  • Hostage Situation (Verify)
  • [More to be identified]

The DLC has been the source of some controversy due to the nature of its content and the method of its release.

The following is sourced from the FAQ pinned on the Steam discussions page.

Why do you have a DLC?

Content from the DLC was one of the rewards on Kickstarter. We made that additional content especially for our backers. However, we decided to offer it for all gamers for a small fee. Why isn’t it free? We believe it wouldn’t be fair to Kickstarter backers who spend more money to get additional reward. Income from that DLC will be used for further development process of 911 Operator, during which we prepare free content for future update (new fully voiceovered content, new incidents, additionals translations etc.).

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