Female caller reporting car on fire. Career call for Kapolei, duty 0.

Firefighter intervention may be avoided.

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Person Status
Caller Witness
Thing Type Notes
Fire Fire
Smoke Decoration Instruction dependent [VERFIY]

Call script Edit

Small car fire
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "Hello, I need help! It's burning!"

3: "I am sorry Ma'am what's burning?"

4: "It's burning! Send in the fire brigade immediately, please!"

5: "Ok Ma'am I need you to calm down. What is burning?"

6: "My car! There's smoke coming from under the hood! Send firefighters!"

7: "{GET OUT OF THE CAR} What I want you to do is get away from your car. Do it as safely as you can ok?"

7a: "Ok..."

7b: "Is anyone hurt?"

8: "No, no one is hurt. Will you send help?!"

9: "{TRY TO PUT IT OUT} Did you try to put the fire out yourself?"

10: "Erm ... myself? No..."

11: "{USE FIRE EXTINGUISHER} Go to the trunk of your car take out the fire extinguisher and pull the pin."

12: "Ok, I'm going . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

13: "Please pull the lever under the steering wheel to open the hood, and then spray the fire extinguisher onto the engine."

14: ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it worked, the fire is gone! I will call for roadside assistance... Thanks!"

15: "You're welcome."

address: "{WHERE ARE YOU?} Ma'am where are you?"

addressa0: "Im near [[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "Near the Shell gas station at route 43"

addressa2: "At Lake Street... 56"

addressa3: "Near a tall building on Seventh Street"

18: "Ok, I'm sending the fire brigade."

19: "Well, I'm waiting!"

reminder: "Hello, can you help me? My car is still on fire."

reminder2: "Hello?"

Call endings Edit

Small car fire
story: "Caller's car was on fire."
instructions: "The driver was told to leave the car."
selfaid: "The operator has given helpful instructions. No intervention was needed."
ext: "The car fire was extinguished."
timeout: "The car has burned completely, and the driver was slightly poisoned by smoke"
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