Male caller reports a plane crashing into a house. Career call for Albuquerque, duty 2.

On site Edit

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People Status
Caller Witness
[Home] Owner Heavily Injured
Crashed plane victim Deceased
Crashed plane victim Heavily Injured
Female resident Witness
Thing Type
Rubble Technical job

Call script Edit

Plane crash
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

addressa0: "Send people here! Now! At [[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "Send people here! Now! At 217 Main Street!"

addressa2: "Send people here! Now! At 1506 Sunshine Boulevard!"

addressa3: "Send people here! Now! At 45 Long Drive!"

wh: "Alright what happened?"

wha: "A plane has crashed into a house!"

pl: "{WHAT PLANE?} What type of plane? A large one or a small one?"

pla: "A small one... two seater, I guess!"

fir: "Is anything on fire?"

fira: "There's some smoke coming out from the rooftop, but I can't see the flames."

ins: "{ANYONE INSIDE THE HOUSE?} Can you tell if there is anyone inside the house?"

insa: "No, a woman ran outside. She said she was alone and she's not injured, but I can tell she's in deep shock."

cas: "{IS SOMEONE INJURED?} Is there anyone else there who's injured?"

casa: "I think whoever was in the plane is dead, but I'm not sure... Can't see them!"

make: "Can you make it through to see if there is any survivors?"

makea: "You sure I should go in there?"

makeyes: "Yes, go and try to help!"

makeyes2: "Ok, I will try!"

makeno: "Not if it is any danger to you in any way, ok?"

makeno2: "Then I'll better stay! Send someone here quick!"

resc: "Okay, the emergency services are on a way, they should be there soon."

hurr: "Hurry!"

reminder: "Hello?"

reminder2: "Hey!"

Call endings Edit

Plane crash
crash: "The caller was a plane crash witness. He informed the dispatcher about disaster."
plane: "Accident resulted in dead victims."
collapse: "The caller got injured while trying to make his way to the victims."
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