Male caller reports a parking violation of a vehicle.

This call has the caller randomly select a response. The call response section has more information.

On site Edit

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People Status
Caller Witness
Thing Status Notes
Parked car Technical/Decoration Call dependent
Suspicious car Technical/Decoration Call dependent

Call script Edit

The ids relevant to the call responses section has been bolded.

Parking violation
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "Hello, I want to report an illegally parked car."

2b: "Um... there's a strange car parked here."

2c: "Hi, there is a strange car parked here. Could you check it?"

place: "{WHERE?} Where the car is parked?"

side: "On the sidewalk."

mall: "In the shopping mall parking."

hospital: "It's a restricted area."

legal: "{PROHIBITED AREA?} Is the car parked in a prohibited area?"

illegal: "Yes, there's a sign here saying 'NO PARKING'"

feeling: "No... but I don't think it should be parked here."

blocking: "The car is blocking the traffic!"

address: "{ADDRESS?} Can you give me the address of where this car is parked, sir?"

addressa0: "It's [[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "20 Frideric Street"

addressa2: "402 Vortens Plaza"

addressa3: "154 49th Alley"

why: "{WHAT'S CONCERNING?} Sir, what is it about the parked car that has you concerned?"

myspot: "This is my spot!"

nospace: "There is not enough space to walk through."

private: "Private cars are not allowed to park here."

why2: "Why is that, sir?"

privat: "It's private property."

safe: "It's for safety reasons. Maybe I'm overreacting, but could you send the police to check it?"

y: "{YES} Yes, of course. I'll send the police to check the car."

n: "{NO} Sir, honestly I don't know why you would feel threatened by this vehicle."

send: "{POLICE WILL CHECK} I'll have an officer check it out and they'll decide if the car should be towed."

dontsend2: "{NO EMERGENCY} Sir, this isn't an emergency call. You will need to contact proper city services to make a complain. "

thanks: "Thank you! Bye."

end: "I hope you will not regret that decision. Bye."

end2: "Ok, I'll do it. Bye."

end3: "Oh, really? I though you have to at least try to help me. Eh..."

reminder: "Hello..? Are you still there?"

reminder2: "Hey! I'm waiting!"

Call endings Edit

Parking violation
story: "The caller reported a car parked in a wrong area."
shouldcheck: "The operator didn't check the possible bomb threat."
check: "The operator decided to check the suspicious car, but the police didn't find anything dangerous.",
blocked: "The car was blocking traffic."
illegal: "The car was parked on a handicapped parking space. Owner of the car had broken the law, but the intervention of emergency services wasn't necessary."
noneed: "The intervention of emergency services wasn't necessary."
moved: "The car was removed."

Call response Edit

There are multiple possible scenarios which will determine how the operator may respond.

All need to be verified.

Information Police
myspot No
nospace Yes
private No
privat No
illegal Verify
feeling Verify
blocking Yes
safety Yes
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