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A death threat by letter to a editorial office.

A manager of an editorial office called 911 to report a death threat letter. 

Send one police unit to the scene.

DO NOT have the manager read the letter to you as the letter contains poison. They will be heavily injured along with their coworkers by the poison as a result which will require medical assistance and transport.

Possibly Unfixed Bugs

At the end of the duty, it says "Poisoned Letter is handcuffed" along with "Poisoned Letter is taken into custody" both of which are logically false.

On Site

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Call Script

Letter with Poison
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "I'm calling from the Washington Scoffers editorial office. We've received a death threat again."

3: "How did you receive the threat?"

4: "The letter came to our office. Who sends paper letter these days? Usually, we receive death threats by e-mail."

5. "Do you want me to read it?'

6: "{YES} Yes, please."

9:"Its rather short: 'Curiosity is a fatal sin'"

7: {NO} (This is the most correct answer because the letter has a poison that activates when opened, please add logs if you have them)
10: "{ADDRESS} What's the address of your office?"

11: [[ADDRESS]]

12: "{SEND POLICE} Okay, I'll have officers attend and look into it."

15: "I don't think that's necessary, but it's your call. I will wait for them with the letter."

13: {NOT IMPORTANT} (Again missing logs, contributions are appreciated)

Call ending