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A manager of an editorial office called 911 to report a death threat letter. Although none are aware at the moment, the letter is laced with poison and will injure a number of people if it is opened.

A police unit capable of transporting criminals is required to remove the letter and rescue forces need to arrive if injuries occur.

On Site[]

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Call Script[]

Letter with Poison
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "I'm calling from the Washington Scoffers editorial office. We've received a death threat again."

3: "How did you receive the threat?"

4: "The letter came to our office. Who sends paper letter these days? Usually, we receive death threats by e-mail."

5. "Do you want me to read it?'

6: "{YES} Yes, please."

9:"Its rather short: 'Curiosity is a fatal sin'"

7: {NO} (TBA)
10: "{ADDRESS} What's the address of your office?"

11: [[ADDRESS]]

12: "{SEND POLICE} Okay, I'll have officers attend and look into it."

15: "I don't think that's necessary, but it's your call. I will wait for them with the letter."

13: {NOT IMPORTANT} (Again missing logs, contributions are appreciated)

Call ending[]


  • Because the poisoned letter is programmed as a criminal:
    • It must be removed by a police vehicle that has seats.
    • The game will somehow claim that it has been handcuffed/taken into custody.