Male caller reports employee being injured after a workplace accident. Career call for Albuquerque, duty 1.

Operator discretion may be permitted. See the call endings section below for more information.

On site Edit

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Person Status
Factory owner (caller) Suspect
Factory owner Suspect
Worker Heavily injured

Call script Edit

Factory Incident
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "There was an incident in my factory. One of my employees got stabbed by sharp tool."

3: "Are you in danger? Do you need police assistance?"

4: "Police!? No, no police! We just need an ambulance."

address: "What's the address you're calling from?"

addressa0: "[[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "1st street 135"

addressa2: "2nd avenue 246"

addressa3: "Pine street 389"

9: "What exactly happened to your employee?",

10: "He fell off a ladder and stabbed himself with knife while falling."

polmed: "{SEND AN AMBULANCE AND POLICE} I understand. I'll send an ambulance and police to your location."
med: "{SEND AN AMBULANCE} I understood. I will send an ambulance there."
12: "Could you... not send the police??"

13: "I am sorry, what?!"

14: "I would be grateful if you didn't inform the police about it. I would be very, VERY grateful indeed."

15: "What do you mean by very grateful?"

16: "I mean $5 000 grateful..."

17: "Are you offering me money for silence?"

18: "Yes."

bribeno: "{NO WAY} Sir, I would like to inform bribery is a very serious crime."
bribemore: "{I WANT MORE} Five thousand? It's not enough... I want ten thousand."
bribeok: "{OK, NO POLICE} Ok, I won't send the police if you say that it's not necessary."
20: "Listen, I have a family... wife... three children... and a factory that I really need to run."
26: ". . . . . . . . . Okay, let's make it $7 000."
27: "Ok, you can collect the money in my office."

28: "Please wait for the ambulance, sir."

28ok: "Ok"

why: "Why are you asking me to do this?"

31: "All those health and safety regulations are expensive. We skipped some of them and the fine would ruin us."

32: "Some of them??"

33: "Whatever, just don't send the police okay?"

40: "Ok, just wait for the ambulance."
stop: "{I HEARD ENOUGH} Enough! Sir, police is going to attend the ambulance. You'll have to explain the situation."
iwait: "Ok."
end: "...."
reminder: "So?"

reminder2: "Are you there?"

Call endings Edit

Factory Incident
inc: "There was an accident at a production site."
bribeprop: "A bribe was proposed to the operator and was immediately rejected."

Should the operator be considering accepting the bribe, refer to the information below.

The operator should be aware that 911 calls are recorded. Offering or accepting a bribe is a crime.

However, should the bribe had been accepted over the phone, there is redemption. The operator should still be able to send the police to the factory.


Should the operator have accepted the bribe and not corrected their actions, the following occurs.


In addition to the -400 reputation, and reporting of the incident to the proper institution.


In such a case, the operator will have the chance to replay the latest duty.

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