Control the Boston riots and don’t let the Miami summer festival get out of hand. Handle EVENTS in the Free Game mode. Use the new REINFORCEMENTS function that will let you summon new units during your duty. Take advantage of two new vehicles and two new pieces of equipment designed especially for the new events.

New CitiesEdit


Enraged protesters in Boston flock to the streets because of police actions. How will you handle the criticism aimed at the police forces?


During a summer festival thousands of party goers arrive in the city. Not all of them intend to obey the law. Will you manage to keep the peace?

What's New?Edit

  • The REINFORCEMENTS function helps you deal with critical moments by letting you summon additional units.
  • Add new equipment such as pepper spray and riot gear to prepare your units for new challenges.
  • Use two new vehicles: the prison van, which lets you transport a large number of suspects, and the water cannon, to help you quickly put down riots.
  • 12 new conversations
  • 18 new reports

Gallery Edit

911 Operator Every Life Matters DLC Trailer

911 Operator Every Life Matters DLC Trailer


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