Male caller reports that his daughter is deceased. Career call for Albuquerque, duty 0.

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Person Status
Father (caller) Witness
Daughter Deceased

Call scriptEdit

Dead daughter
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "Oh my god... Oh my god..."

wh: "Sir, what's happening there?"

daugh: "My... My daughter..."

wh2: "What happened to your daughter Sir?"

dead: "Why did you do that, my little girl... I just found her... She's dead..."

sure: "{CHECK HER PULSE} Ok, Sir we're gonna get ambulance on a way. Have you checked her pulse?"

surea: "Yes... yes there is no pulse... no pulse... she doesn't have a heartbeat, her heart stopped."

cold: "Is the body completely cold?"

colda: "Yes, she's cold and stiff... my baby..."

address: "What's the address you're calling from?"

addressa0: "[[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "2608 Central Avenue"

addressa2: "5603 Menaul Boulevard"

addressa3: "156 Indian School Road"

can: "Do you know what happened to her?"

whya: "Can you tell me what she did?"

drugs: "Drugs... There are syringes all around her... Someone gave her drugs... And now she's dead..."

patrol: "I'll send a patrol there. Please stay where you are and try not to move or touch anything."
ok: "Okay... God..."
reminder: "My baby..."

reminder2: "Are you there?"

Call endings Edit

Dead daughter
overdose: "Caller’s daughter was found dead. The possible cause of death is drugs overdose. The police has started an investigation."
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