Female caller requesting police assistance. Career call for Kapolei, duty 1.

Operator discretion may be permitted. Police response advised.

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Person Status
Arguing daughter Suspect
Stressed mother (caller) Witness

Call script[edit | edit source]

Daughter out of control
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "Good evening, I have a problem with my daughter... She's screaming, breaking things... Completely out of control!"

hurt: "Is your daughter hurt?"

hurtn: "No..."

happ: "What happened?"

pull": "I just can't calm her down! She's pulling my hair! She is almost my height..."

old": "How old is she?"

olda: "14"

shoot": "So you want us to come and shoot her?"

what: "... What? Excuse me?!"

sar: "Erm... it was just sarcasm, sorry Ma'am."

ina": "That was very inappropriate! I will file a complaint for that, I assure you sir! Goodbye!"

no: "{IT ISN'T A 911 SITUATION} Ma'am, it doesn't sound like a 911 situation. Please deal with your daughter yourself or call the education support."

how: "But how? She breaks everything in her room! Send in someone! I need help!"

pol: "I'll send an officer to check up on her."

ty: "Thank you, bye...",

nope: "As I said, it's not a case for 911. Goodbye."

tyi: "Well... THANK YOU."

reminder: "Oh, she broke something again..."

reminder2: "Hello?"

Call Endings[edit | edit source]

Daughter out of control
story: "A mother couldn't manage to calm her daughter down."
complaint: "The caller filled a complaint on the operator's behaviour."
helped: "The teenager was reprimanded by policemen."
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