A console can be accessed in the game by pressing the ` key. It appears to allow for the input of commands, however, there are no known commands to use. It is confirmed that there are cheat codes in the game, and the console is likely where they can be used.

Commands Edit

Command Function Example
[Up arrow] Show last command
startcall <call_ID> Force a call to begin startcall gen22
selftalk Allows to choose options of the caller; useful with dialogs with randomized answers
importloc Reload of rawConverstions.xml file (edit the file file whitout restarting the game)
retestc Reload the last call which you have started
quickd Text will be displayed immediately
givemethemoney $1,000,000 will be added. (Only works during a duty or on the management screen.)
unlockallmaps Unlocks all maps in Career mode, only works on the main menu or on the career menu.
reputation Gives 100 reputation, only works on a duty or on the management screen.
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