Female caller reporting concerns about her husband. Career call for Albuquerque, duty 0.

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Person Status
Wife (caller) Witness
Husband Suspect

Call script Edit

Concerned Wife
1: "911, what's your emergency?"

2: "Uh... Hello. I don't really know how to say it, but..."

3: "Yes?"

cook: "I think my husband is a cook."

cooka: "I am sorry what do you mean ma'am?"

cookb: "I thought women like men who can cook well."

drugs: "I mean... I think that he makes drugs."

why: "{WHY DO YOU THINK SO?} Oh. Why do you think so?"

weird: "I found weird containers filled with some stuff in our cellar. They stink pretty bad... I have no idea what it is... My husband's a chemist but why would he need that..."

tv: "{YOU'VE WATCHED TOO MANY TV SHOWS} Ma'am, maybe you've watched too many TV shows."

serious: "I'm serious..."

evi: "That's not enough evidence, ma'am."

kid: "But he keeps in touch with some kid, I guess it's his former student. I think the police used to keep an eye on him. I'm not sure but it might've been connected to drugs..."

husb: "Why do you call 911 on your husband?"

unsafe: "We don't get along well. And I feel like my home is being observed lately... Some shady guys started to wander around in our neighborhood. I'm scared, I need to protect my son..."

check: "{CHECK THE CELLAR} Can you check what's inside the vessels? The kind of smells you getting of the containers?"

high: "Yeah, sure... [pause, coughs] Uhh... It smells funny... Daaaaamn. I need you to send someone here... now...."

highdragon: "Yeah, sure... [pause, coughs] Uhh... I got a bit dizzy... Daaaaamn. I need you to send someone here... now.... it's getting very misty in here...."

address: "What's your address?"

addressa0: "[[ADDRESS]]"

addressa1: "2608 Central Avenue"

addressa2: "5603 Menaul Boulevard"

addressa3: "156 Indian School Road"

okpol: "{SEND POLICE} I understand ma'am. I'll send an officer by to check it out. Where are you calling from?"
way: "Ok, the patrol's on the way."
amb: "Hold on there ma'am, I'll send an officer and ambulance to you."
quick: "Just be quick..."
gopol: "{GO TO POLICE STATION} In that case you should go to the nearest police station and talk to an officer there."

gopol2: "{GO TO POLICE STATION} In that case you should go to the nearest police station and talk to an officer there. Bring some photos of the labels that are on the containers ok?"

ty: "Okay, thank you..."
reminder: "Sir?"

reminder2: "Hello?"

Call ending Edit

Concerned Wife
story: "A woman suspected that her husband was making drugs."
toxic: "The woman got intoxicated by chemical fumes from the vessel."
found: "The policemen found a drug lab in the cellar. The caller's husband confessed and was arrested."
wrong: "It turned out that the caller was right about her husband. He figured out the situation and ran away."
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