Warning: Incorrect usage can lead to data loss. Create backups of your games before trying to cheat!

Cheat codes Edit

It is confirmed that there are cheat codes in the game. The console is used to enter codes in the game.

  1. To get 1,000,000 dollars use: givemethemoney

Memory editing Edit

Using programs such as Cheat Engine (windows) or The Cheat (mac), it is possible to change the amount of cash during the game.

  1. Select 911 Operator as the program you wish to edit in the memory editing program.
  2. The variable could be a unsigned 32 bit integer.
  3. Enter the amount of cash you currently have and search.
  4. If there are many possible variables, buy something from the shop, enter the amount of cash you currently have and search.
  5. If there are just a few, try editing some of them to the desired amount.

Editing save files Edit

Save files are stored in the following locations:


%appdata%\LocalLow\JutsuGames\911 Operator\FreeGames


~/Library/Application Support/unity.JutsuGames.911 Operator

There are save files for Career and Free game, as well as the player profile.

Cities Edit

To identify which save file is which city, there are a few options.

  • Check the map folder and check the file names as well as the XML file or images to identify the city.
  • Get the node ID from the save file, place the node id in the appropriate place and follow the link below.

Finding and Replacing Variables Edit

Some variables that can be changed include:

  • <marksmanship> (ability to shoot for police officers)
  • <skill> (technical skill for firefighters)
  • <driving> (ability to drive vehicles quickly)
  • <firstaid> (Ability to render first aid for medics)
  • <cash>
  • <salary>

Whilst manually finding and replacing is possible, using regular expressions to find and replace is easier, however, a text editing program that supports this is needed, for example, Brackets (download) or

An example for finding the marksmanship is:


Note that \/ is not V. "\" is an escape character, and "/" is the character that is used to close tags, and both are needed to find properly.

Removing unused staff/equipment Edit

It is possible to remove unused staff and equipment, however, this is extremely likely to cause data loss and corruption. Do not attempt to remove unused staff and equipment manually.

Career calls Edit

You may want to replay career calls. The <dutiesDone> variable under the <globalStatistics> will determine the duty number. Each duty number has its associated special calls. The career page contains a list of special calls for each city and its duty.

The career ID numbers are below.

Career cities
ID City
26819236 San Fransisco
61785451 New York
150921582 Kapolei
151364049 Albuquerque
153388690 Chicago
158368533 Washington
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