There are three different types of team members in the game, police officers, medics and fire fighters of three different categories, police, rescue and fire. Colours that represent these categories are blue, white and red respectively. Identification of the type can be made by the different hats worn by each team member.

A team consists of one to four team members of the same type in the appropriate vehicle for that type.

Team members can be injured or even killed by different events during duty. Should a team member be injured, they may need to be driven to a hospital during duty, and may be hospitalised for several duties afterwards.

Every team member is able to perform first aid, which should prevent injured from dying, however only medics will be able to stabilise the injured and get heavily injured to the hospital.

Prioritisation Edit

Each type of team member will have different priorities, such as police officers resolving suspects, medics assisting the injured and fire fighters extinguishing fires.

Equipment Edit

A team member can be equipped with different types of equipment. What is most suitable will be up to the operator.

Experience Edit

As team members resolve cases, they gain experience, allowing them to resolve cases faster, however, their salaries will also increase. Their rank is displayed in the top right hand corner of the team member.

Image Rank Descrition
None 1 No rank
2 One stripe
3 Two stripes
4 Three strips
5 One star
6 Two stars
7 Three stars

Skill Edit

Each type of team member will have a driving skill and another skill relevant to their type. When hovering over a team member, the operator can see their driving skill, type-specific skill and their performance multiplier when dealing with:

  • Suspects (police only)
  • Injured
  • Heavily Injured
  • Fires
  • Technical Work

Salary Edit

Some team members will require a higher Salary due to their specialties.

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