911/112 Operator Wiki

112 Operator is a simulation video game developed by Jutsu Games and published by Games Operators. It is a direct sequel to Jutsu's previous simulation game, 911 Operator.[1]

The sequel focuses primarily on European cities, hence the emergency number change from North America's 911 to the European Union's 112, but many cities around the world are included in the game as well. Buildings are now rendered in 3D and a new career mode is available, along with many other new or improved features.


The following DLC has been released for 112 Operator:


As with the previous game, 112 Operator went through a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for development. The campaign ended in October 2019 and successfully raised CA$52,792, well above the CA$30,000 goal.[2]

After successful beta testing periods for Kickstarter backers, 112 Operator fully launched on Steam on April 23, 2020.[3]

On May 2, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jutsu Games released a cosmetic DLC that adds filter masks to all of the player's team members. Jutsu Games pledged all proceeds from the DLC's sale to real-life emergency services battling the pandemic.[4]


OpenCritic holds a 77% average rating for 112 Operator, based on four critic reviews.[5] The game holds a "Very Positive" Steam review score from users who purchased it directly through Steam.[6]